Rules of Pride Pitch

I recently came up with the idea for #PridePitch which is a Twitter pitch party for LGBTQIAP writers. This doesn't mean that you have to write characters who fall in the LGBT spectrum but participating writers do have to fall in the spectrum. Each participating writer will be allowed five pitches (one pitch per book) throughout the day. Please make sure to use the proper tags for your pitch such as YA and MG,for instance. If your pitch gets a favorite,follow the submission guidelines for each agent who favorited your pitch. Retweets/quote retweets are allowed but only agents,editors,and people who work in acquisitions are allowed to favorite tweets. #PridePitch is scheduled for September 20 from 8 a.m EST until 8 p.m EST. There are currently seventeen people signed up who will be looking at your pitches so make sure they are polished and ready to query. If you're an agent,editor,or work in acquisitions and would like to participate in Pride Pitch here is the link to the sign u
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